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Rahi Systems


Rahi Systems
Booth # 709
Fremont, CA
United States

Rahi Systems, is a Data Center Solutions provider, offers a full suite of Data Center Infrastructure products covering Storage, Server, Network & Physical Infrastructure. Rahi Systems powers Service Provides, Government Agencies and Enterprises – Large, Medium & Small with its Data Center Solution offerings. Rahi Systems helps organizations to smoothly evolve from a static data center to a dynamic, well instrumented and efficiently managed data center with necessary software, hardware products and service offerings.

Rahi Systems bring a dedicated committment to help Customers get the best out of their Data Center Infrastructure include Network Efficiency and Server Optimization. Our team understands Data Centers of all sizes with a variety of applications. We bring experience and solution based skill set to solve your problems. Our basic tenets are 100% availability, Zero Down Time, Enhanced Security, Maximize Cost Savings and Increase Efficiency.

Rahi Systems was founded in 2012 by enterprenuers with deep expertise in Networking, Data Centers, Server Infrastructure and Systems. Rahi Systems is grown on the culture of Customer Success thru quick time to value, solutions oriented approach and outstanding support. Rahi Systems corporate headquarters is in Fremont, California with offices in India, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Japan and Australia.

Products & Services Categories: Back-end IT