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Perch Interactive


Perch Interactive
Perch Interactive
Booth # 4155
New York, NY
United States
Bronze Sponsor
Sponsor of an EXPO Hall Entrance Unit Ad and Floor Tile Graphics

PERCH is a robust turnkey system that unites Form Factors, Content and Cloud Services
to provide a dynamic, interactive media platform for product display with built-in shopper analytics.

Metrics driven (and how):

PERCH is a revolutionary interactive technology for the retail environment. PERCH attracts customers and motivates them to touch, pick up and discover the products on display. As shoppers engage, PERCH reveals dynamic digital content, directly beside the product. PERCH displays all types of media, from photos and videos to product details, to social media and user reviews. Meanwhile, PERCH Analytics registers every interaction along the way, providing valuable insights into consumer behavior and the media that drives it.

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