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MicroStrategy, Inc.


MicroStrategy, Inc.
MicroStrategy, Inc.
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MicroStrategy Incorporated provides business intelligence (BI) software worldwide. It offers MicroStrategy 9, an integrated BI platform that enables businesses to make business decisions. The MicroStrategy 9 platform consists of product components, such as Intelligence Server, a foundation for the BI platform; Report Services, an enterprise reporting engine that delivers production and operational reports, managed metrics reports, and interactive dashboards; OLAP Services that allows Web and desktop users to manipulate Intelligent Cubes databases; Web and Web Universal, a browser independent Web interface providing query, reporting, and analysis through a platform independent architecture; Office that lets Microsoft Office users to run, edit, and format MicroStrategy reports directly from within Microsoft applications; and Distribution Services product that controls report and dashboard distribution.

Products & Services Categories: Data Visualization


Enterprise Analytics

MicroStrategy empowers retailers to deploy sophisticated analytics, mobility, and security applications at scale. Our unified platform architecture is suited to deliver high performance applications that meet the BI demands of every user in your company.

Mobile Analytics

With best-in-class native mobile apps, sophisticated analytics can go wherever you do. Instantly extend your MicroStrategy Web reports onto your employee's devices as mobile-optimized analytics apps, enabling them to make better decisions on the fly.

Mobile Productivity

Go beyond mobile BI with mobile productivity apps. MicroStrategy empowers retailers to mobilize any information system, business process, or web application. Transform the way you operate and engage with customers with powerful custom apps.

Big Data Analytics

MicroStrategy allows retailers to easily access and analyze data in all shapes and sizes, from a single place. Our unified platform architecture has been leveraged to deliver high performance BI applications on some of the world's largest datasets.