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Atlanta, GA
United States

Developed by NeadWerx, the MerchLogix platform offers the cutting-edge software and services that seamlessly integrate every one of your management and merchandising processes into one intuitive tool. With 30 years of retail development and expertise behind our name, we understand your number one priority — maximizing sales and minimizing wasted time — and we've designed this tool to simplify all of the things that can get in the way of achieving your goals.

We specialize in:
MerchLogix, Maps
Our key customers:
Retailers with large footprints, or number of stores that are focused on competitive advantages by making merchandising execution manageable, measurable, predictable and transparent. Those seeking macro and micro space planning tools that utilize real-time data analysis to improve in-store reset performance, reduce costs and lift sales.
Products & Services Categories: Store Visual Management, Store Visual Monitoring