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Manhattan Associates


Manhattan Associates
Booth # 2829
Atlanta, GA
United States

Manhattan Associates, with a 25-year pedigree in developing best-in-class supply chain management software, provides omni-channel solutions to the world’s leading retailers. These solutions, which allow retailers to bring sales and fulfillment across their e-Commerce and store channels together to create a seamless brand experience, include:
- With intelligent order orchestration and network inventory availability capabilities, Enterprise Order Management acts as the operating system for omni-channel retail, driving increased sales and better customer experiences through flexible execution management; and
- Store Inventory and Fulfillment provides powerful, end-to-end omni-channel capabilities at the store level—entirely on a mobile device. Using the solutions, store associates can quickly execute order fulfillment requests and improve inventory accuracy for increased revenue and margins.

Products & Services Categories: Order Management System, Clienteling