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KIOSK Information Systems


KIOSK Information Systems
Booth # 3805
Louisville, CO
United States

KIOSK Information Systems is the #1 provider of self-service solutions in North America. KIOSK provides complete project services; including hardware and software design, manufacturing, field support, and secure managed services.

KIOSK offers a full retail kiosk solution portfolio with proven platforms in: • Endless Aisle • Locker Solutions (site to store and phone charging) • In-store Financial Services • Automated Vending • Loyalty • Rentals • Digital Signage • HR and more. Partners include Intel Security, demonstrating enhanced system security measures vital to a PCI compliant solution. Ingenico is also featured, exhibiting secure & EMV compliant payment transaction devices.

KIOSK has 20+ years’ experience creating automated retail solutions that cut operating/transaction costs; increase sales and loyalty, end enhance today’s consumer experience. Visit our team to personally consult on your unique self-service deployment needs.

We specialize in:
Our key customers:
WalMart, AT&T, Verizon Wireless, MoneyGram International, CVS, IKEA, ProVision, Rite Aid, OfficeMax, Safeway, Home Depot, Sports Authority
Products & Services Categories: Self Service Kiosk


Endless Aisle Kiosks

Endless Aisle kiosks provide improved inventory options to enhance store revenue growth. The UI facilitates a deeper in-store product selection to improve sales of over-sized merchandise, out-of-stock inventory, & special-order items.

Loyalty & Coupon Kiosks

Loyalty programs provide a cost-effective method to optimize customer relationships and increase revenue. Retailers who implement loyalty and on-demand couponing initiatives attract new members, build brand loyalty and improve customer retention.