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Keonn Technologies S.L.


Keonn Technologies S.L.
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Keonn provides the most complete, seamless and advanced solutions based on RFID technology to improve the customer experience at retail stores while also increasing retailer sales.

Keonn’s product portfolio includes encoding systems, automatic inventory systems, interactive systems ( fitting rooms), loss-prevention systems and systems for accelerating the payment process at retail stores.



AdvanLook is an interactive display, product recommendation, and cross-selling system. AdvanLook uses RFID technology and a display to improve the customer shopping experience.


AdvanLook-M is a product recommendation and cross-selling system for retail stores. AdvanLook-M uses RFID technology and a touch screen integrated with a mirror to improve the shopping experience of customers at retail stores or libraries.


AdvanRobot is a mobile and autonomous RFID system that performs automatically the inventory of a given space, for instance, a retail store or low-ceiling warehouse, that provides a higher RFID inventory accuracy than handheld readers.