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Booth # 637
Swan Valley, Northants
United Kingdom

Irisys, the world’s #1 supplier of People Counting and Queue Intelligence solutions, is a high-tech innovator pioneering new solutions to bring strategic insight and expanded capabilities to the globe’s leading retail operations.

Combining discreet infrared technology and intelligent software, Irisys helps retailers improve customer service, market share, and profitability by combining innovative technology and user-friendly software that delivers actionable, in-store data in real time, resulting in faster checkout lines, sales-driven store layouts, optimized staffing, and more.

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Store analytics
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Irisys, the world’s #1 supplier of People Counting and Queue Management solutions, helps the world’s leading retailers improve profitability, customer service, and market share by providing actionable, in-store intelligence and analytics in real time. Visit Exhibit #637 for a demo and consultation – and to discover why the world’s best retailers trust Irisys.
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Vector 4D

Vector 4D is the newest, most advanced technology available within the people counting market today. It utilizes Time of Flight technology and further improves the accuracy and expands the capabilities in how footfall data is collected.