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San Francisco, CA
United States
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Sponsor of the Marriott Elevator Graphics and Column Wraps

Inkling modernizes store operations for employees with mobile-ready reference guides. Paper, portals, and PDFs fail by presenting stale and static information, whereas Inkling documents engage employees with lively and interactive content. Easy content creation and editing tools enable the creation of dynamic SOPs and job aids. Without any technical skills, content creators can build, update, and share rich media content that is optimized for mobile screens. Embedded analytics track and measure content effectiveness, employee performance, and operational consistency across store locations. With Inkling, customers always receive the highest quality service possible, thanks to engaged workforces and standardized operations.

We specialize in:
Employee engagement
Our key customers:
Benefit, Chick-fil-A, GAP, Kohl's, McDonalds, Starbucks