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InfoTouch Corporation


InfoTouch Corporation
InfoTouch Corporation
Booth # 336
San Antonio, TX
United States

InfoTouch has developed state-of-the-art POS Software solutions supporting the retail and service markets for 30 years. From single locations to large multi-store integrations, over 200 different POS market solutions are being serviced today with 1,000's of users.

Terminal or Mobile based systems come standard with: inventory management, customer database, time/attendance, full back office, sales tracking w/commissions, and access to the ”Store to the Core” (SttC) software from anywhere. “SttC” Cloud allows for substantial global management of all POS systems. Appearance, functionality and controls are available for configuration changes that go far beyond the typical “enterprise” products. Collating information on a “many to one basis” provides our SttC Cloud layers of options to control and manage POS systems in their locations, how they function, report and manage assets (inventory, transactions, revenues, purchasing, etc.).