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Indyme Solutions, Inc


Indyme Solutions, Inc
Indyme Solutions, Inc
Booth # 4243
San Diego, CA
United States
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Indyme is revolutionizing the fitting room experience with its new SmartFit™ fitting room management system. This enables retailers to link fitting room activity with traffic data to help them understand and improve utilization, resulting in increased conversion and sales. Armed with this data, retailers can make intelligent policy decisions including whether to lock or unlock fitting rooms and even alert security or in-store personnel on unusual dwell activity. In addition, it enables customers to request different sizes or colors from within the fitting room which drives positive satisfaction scores and increased unit purchases and average ticket values.

70% of clothing shoppers use fitting rooms before purchasing, yet only 1 in 10 consumers are satisfied with the experience. Forget limits and create an end-to-end fitting room experience your customers will want to enjoy again and again.

Customize the fitting room experience to compliment your branding and tailor the solution to improve conversion, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and shrink results.

Solutions include: Selectable Lighting, Occupancy sensors, Call buttons, Real-time room data, Analytics, and Omnichannel kiosk.

We specialize in:
Customer Experience
Our key customers:
Apparel, Big Box, Drug, DIY, Specialty, Health & Beauty, Sporting Goods, Grocery, Pet, Discount, Department, Super Store,



Revolutionize the fitting room with the SmartFit™ Fitting Room Management System. Whatever your customer engagement strategy and staffing model may be, SmartFit™ has a solution to meet your goals.

SmartFit TrueView™

A positive experience in the fitting room gives shoppers purchase confidence, increases sales and builds loyalty. Reinforce the brand identity with a great shopping experience, by providing the experience of how shoppers look under different lights.

SmartFit StyleLink™

Shoppers have become accustomed to shopping online. It’s fast, efficient and enables a degree of independence. Give your customers chain-wide information and inventory access at the most critical point in the shopping journey, the fitting room.