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Industry Retail Group


Industry Retail Group
Industry Retail Group
Booth # 4455
Warrendale, PA
United States

Industry Retail Group, Inc. (IRG), is a Gartner-recognized, VISA PCI DDS validated provider of customized managed network services. IRG works with thousands of Fortune 1000 retailer sites, offering a comprehensive portfolio of broadband and broadband-enabled services through the design, provisioning, logistics and deployment of networks. Supplementing our clients’ internal and third party applications, IRG offers in-house services custom-designed to stand alone or work effortlessly with existing applications. IRG is a PCI-compliant provider and fully licensed and insured to operate throughout North America.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vector Security®, IRG provides the foundation for true business visibility – unmatched insight to your business through improved data analytics, intelligence gathering and connectivity solutions to support your operations, marketing, merchandising, finance and security objectives.

We specialize in:
Managed network svcs

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