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Illinois Wholesale Cash Register


Illinois Wholesale Cash Register
Illinois Wholesale Cash Register
Booth # 803
Elgin, IL
United States

Illinois Wholesale (IW) is the leading supplier of refurbished POS Hardware in North America. IW has been offering a diverse and comprehensive portfolio of service offerings for over 38 years, creating cost savings for our customers between 40-60% off retail prices. IW offers depot maintenance, asset management, storage of customer owned inventory, data destruction, staging, redeployment, and disposal services. IW has been able to stand above the competition by meeting the needs of retailers with the highest quality products and services with all major POS manufacturers; including, but not limited to, NCR, IBM/Toshiba, Fujitsu, EPSON, VeriFone, Ingenico, and Motorola. With our 125,000 square foot, state of the art facility, IW is able to offer a complete portfolio of products and services creating a tremendous value for you and all of our clients.

Products & Services Categories: Back-end IT