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Global Technology Systems
Global Technology Systems
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Framingham, MA
United States

Global Technology Systems (“GTS”) is the trusted expert in mobile power technology. We’ve earned this reputation through the design and manufacture of high-performance batteries, chargers, and power management technologies and services. Because of our batteries outstanding performance and unmatched quality, our products and services are trusted by major retail and logistics organizations, leading government agencies and public safety officials, and Fortune 500 businesses around the globe.

Here at GTS we understand that organizations run on mobility, and mobility runs on batteries. So our dedicated engineers are constantly working to develop award-winning innovations such as, GTS’ ground-breaking Test & Replace™ managed service. This advanced free service allows organizations to immediately cut-down on labor costs, battery spending, and service agreement fees, meanwhile increasing their workplace productivity, enhancing their customer’s experience, and growing their profits!

How do we do this? Bad batteries clog up mobile operations with excessive costs and downtime, and, until now, it has been impossible to identify and remove them from facilities. The GTS Tester and Mobile App allow your staff, or GTS, to easily and efficiently identify, remove, and replace bad batteries right onsite. It takes less than half an employee's shift, per year, per site, to dramatically begin reducing costs and increasing efficiency with Test & Replace™! The cost savings will be significant, and we can prove it to you in just twenty minutes at one of your own facilities. Call (800-267-2711) or email ( ) us today to arrange a demo, or just stop by Booth # 1421 at NRF 2017!

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Test & Replace™

Test & Replace™ is a mobile power management service that incorporates the innovative GTS Tester and Mobile App. The Tester and App allow your staff, or GTS, to easily and efficiently identify, remove and replace "bad" batteries right onsite.