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Today Givex operates in over 55 countries, having processed over 16 billion transactions to date, across a wide array of industries. Our Proven Platform is providing the tools that drive customer engagement and accelerate operational efficiency for our clients, while generating the valuable and actionable data that is crucial to maintain a competitive advantage in today's fast moving economy.

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Vexilor is a cloud-based agile POS system powered by Givex. Using operational efficiencies, embedded marketing, and actionable data, Vexilor helps businesses unleash their full potential.

Gift Card

A Givex gift card can be made to function as a coupon, a quick pay card, a loyalty card & more. Our platform can enable multiple features so you can customize your gift card offering. You can count on Givex’s stability and robust feature set.

Loyalty Programs

Givex loyalty programs help you collect customer data, mine it to identify your best customers and their habits, and give you the incentives to encourage further spending and enduring loyalty.