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Everseen provides leading edge Video Analytic software for the Detection of Margin Eroding activity at Retail point of sale positions monitoring People, Actions & Trends.

Proprietary technology identifies irregular POS activities by applying advanced video and data analytics to existing point of sale video and data streams. At its heart is a set of powerful video analytical tools built to identify the different events that can occur at a point of sale.
Whatever combination of conveyor you have, express or self-service tills, our 20:20 Point of Sale Video Analytics will identify the full range of non-scan activities whether they are fraudulent or employee error.
Everseen’s Client Portal allows the user ready access to both investigate incidents and create adaptive intelligence reports by activity, time window, and staff member.
Included within the range of activity notifications are:
• Non Scan Real Time Alerts at Self Check Out Registers
• Non-Scan Detection
• Irregular Voiding
• Irregular Refunding
• Basket / Trolley Based Loss
• Discounting and other Process Breaches.

In addition to the Loss Prevention functions that the solution provides, it also recognizes previously unidentified training & skill gaps, poor adherence to process, and contributes to an overall reduction in wastage.

We specialize in:
POS security
Products & Services Categories: Loyalty Reward Fraud Protection