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ciValue Systems
ciValue Systems
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ciValue provides grocery, drug, health and beauty retailers the tools to put customers at the center. Its cloud-based, self-service customer analytics and personalized recommendation solution applies proprietary predictive data science algorithms to purchase and on-line behavior data, rapidly decoding each customer’s “Retail DNA,” then providing actionable insights and personalized offer recommendations.

Implemented within weeks, ciValue’s customer science automation generates value immediately and continuously. Purpose-built for high frequency retail, ciValue empowers retailers to anticipate customers’ desires and needs to create optimized omni-channel retail experiences, driving loyalty and enhancing profit and competitiveness, through millions of simultaneous one-to-one customer relationships.

We specialize in:
precision marketing
Our key customers:
grocery, drugstores, health and beauty, warehouse clubs, cash and carry, department stores, DIY, pet stores
Products & Services Categories: Customer Data Platform


Personalized Circular

Transform your circular into a digital feed that can be published across different channels and devices of your customers’ choice. Engage customers with hyper-relevant offers, incentivize them to return, and increase basket size.