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New York City, NY
United States

Catchoom Technologies Inc. is a private, VC-funded company and the first spin-off of Telefónica R&D. Incorporated in 2011, Catchoom is an image recognition and augmented reality platform that has provided 450+ million interactions to date. The company licenses its software On-premise and through SaaS. Catchoom's flagship product is CraftAR — the "toolbox" with web-based content management and creation, and consumption with its Image Recognition and Augmented Reality SDKs (for Android, iOS, with plugins for Cordova and Unity). The company works with a number of companies (including Intel, Condé Nast and Bosch) and powers leading AR providers.

We specialize in:
Image Recognition
Our key customers:
Gucci, Nordstrom and
Products & Services Categories: Image Recognition