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C-B4 Analytics


C-B4 Analytics
C-B4 Analytics
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C-B4 provides powerful and precise predictive analytics solutions in the simplest and most straightforward manner, going from data to predictions, recommendations and insights that can be understood and ACTED UPON by decision makers. C-B4 believes that every granular entity, such as a customer, product, service, or device has a unique fingerprint and as such is influenced by different variables and conditions. In a world of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT), granular data becomes more and more available and requires the prediction tools to operate at the same granularity level.

C-B4 is the offspring of an extensive research project at Tel-Aviv University, Israel, with more than 50 man-years spent in developing proprietary algorithms which form the basis of C-B4’s solutions. Over the years, C-B4’s technology has won many industrial acknowledgments (such as IBM SmartCamp, 2011, The Dealmakers Summit, 2012, and Nokia’s “Most Promising” Startup, 2013). These awards signal C-B4 as an innovative solution provider for predictive analytics.

In June 2014, C-B4 completed Series A led by Sequoia Capital.