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Melville, NY
United States

BRdata is a software development company and systems integrator of open architecture software applications, providing totally integrated business solutions to retailers, wholesalers, and grocery store chains.

Products & Services Categories: Competitive Pricing


BRdata Collect

BRdata Collect empowers you, the retailer, to promote YOUR brand through YOUR website and consumer app. Click & Collect to identify and reward your top customers, with a complete cloud based solution.

BRdata Cloud

Grocery retailers can now access reports from anywhere on any device. Whether you’re a single store or a chain, as long as you have a browser, you’ll be able to run web based date-driven analysis reports via BRdata Cloud.

BRdata Host

A powerful, flexible, feature-rich host support system. Retailers need to control price and cost information from one central database to achieve a competitive advantage. BRdata Host makes this all possible at an affordable price.

Price Optimization

The BRdata Price Optimization Module presents the optimal price to the retailer based on item demand, gross margin percentage, competition, private label, and unit size. Advanced TPR management rules maximize TPR profits.