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Boomerang Commerce Inc.


Boomerang Commerce Inc.
Boomerang Commerce Inc.
Booth # 613
Mountain View, CA
United States
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Pricing Millions of Products Online
Boomerang Commerce powers competitive pricing for some of the fastest growing Internet Retailer 100 eCommerce and multi-channel retailers. Through dynamic pricing and assortment expansion, Boomerang Commerce has driven millions in revenues and margins for customers.

The Results
For the SKUs we touch, we have shown improvement in revenue (over 30%), margins (over 10%) and price perception (over 50%) even for large revenue bases.

Our Big Data SaaS
Our massive scale software integrates easily, with just 1-2 file exchanges. Our customers start seeing positive results in 3 weeks.

Democratizing Online Retail
Boomerang Commerce brings in advanced concepts used by world's best retailers into mainstream online and multi-channel / omni channel retail. These include contribution profit, Selection optimization, EOL pricing and Optimal Inventory Health Management through pricing - concepts that help grow revenue and profits while pricing millions of products competitively.

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