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Axonify Inc


Axonify Inc
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Waterloo, ON
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Meet Axonify: The World's First Employee Knowledge Platform

You’re probably wondering, what’s an Employee Knowledge Platform? Well, we’re the first! We’re different than a Learning Management System (LMS), and more than an eLearning solution. Axonify is for organizations who are ready to modernize their learning ecosystem by increasing employee knowledge, changing behavior and driving bottom-line impact.

Our platform is proven to have a dramatic effect within global powerhouses like Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and Toyota, and small to medium-sized businesses like Northgate Markets, MCAP and Capital BlueCross. No matter the size of the organization, we’re solving the same problem – employees lack the knowledge they need to perform at their very best, and we’re building it.

We specialize in:
Employee Knowledge
Our key customers:
Walmart, Bloomingdale's, At Home, Toys "R" Us, Southeastern Grocers