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Altierre Corp
Altierre Corp
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San Jose, CA
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Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Altierre is a technology company that aims to bring the Internet of Things to reality. With cutting edge technology involving deep expertise in ultra-low energy, long-range wireless chips, displays, sensors, systems and software it can quickly innovate new solutions to a variety of industries and applications.

Altierre was established in 2003 after the founders recognized the immense market opportunity to take the internet to the next dimension. The team is made up of technology and industry veterans, each with decades of experience in technology, software, RF, industry and high volume manufacturing.

By pioneering the Graphical signs and Sensors market in the Retail sector, Altierre has already established itself as a leader in the Internet of Things market with its highly scalable wireless IoT network and very high density of RF client devices. Many of these buildings are over 100,000 sq. ft. and operate over 60,000 RF graphical displays and sensors, always connected, with just a couple of Altierre’s long range wireless access points. With over 10 million Graphical signs and tags installed worldwide it has enabled real-time price changes in thousands of retail stores every day.

Altierre is now deploying it’s solutions in several industrial applications where it’s highly scalable IoT network, thin infrastructure can bring a host of applications in factory automation and asset management. Only a few installed Altierre long range wireless access points provide factory wide IoT coverage in million sq. ft. factories for millions of sensors and displays. The growth opportunity for this sector is immense, and Altierre is leading the way with real solutions and applications that bring the vision of IoT to reality, globally.

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