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Toronto, ON

Aislelabs provides an intelligent cloud platform for personalized, real-time in-store analytics and engagement. The SaaS product suite includes:

Social WiFi: Location marketing via social channels such as Facebook and Twitter enabling effective digital re-targeting based on in-store behavior.
Flow: Understand visitor traffic in the stores. Use cross shopping data across stores to optimize layout and co-marketing. Benchmark metrics such as dwell time trends. Understand the impact of marketing campaigns.
Navigate: Better customer experience by providing indoor maps and wayfinding.
Engage and Pass: In-store marketing via mobile app or mobile wallet. Location driven marketing. Monetization of the digital real-estate.

Aislelabs’ products, Engage and Pass, utilize the iBeacon technology to create hyper-local experiences. Aislelabs platform works with most major beacon hardware vendors while enabling secure beacon operation. The platform consists of enterprise-grade scalable beacon deployment and management.

We specialize in:
In-Store Marketing
Our key customers:
Big box retailers and shopping centers