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Aila Technologies, Inc.


Aila Technologies, Inc.
Aila Technologies, Inc.
Booth # 1236
Natick, MA
United States

Aila is redefining retail with a suite of iOS-based handhelds and kiosks that outperform traditional enterprise devices throughout the store. Our solutions for iPod, iPhone and iPad provide the most advanced image-based scanning platform on the market - delivering high performance barcoding today and expandability for the future. Simple yet powerful, our devices are enabling forward-thinking retailers to deploy engaging experiences for their customers and digitized workflows for in-store operations. For more information please visit

We specialize in:
Immersive Shopping
Our key customers:
Aila enables leading retailers and grocers to engage and immerse shoppers in the in-store experience through their premier hardware technology platform.


Mobile Imager

Pocket-sized but powerful, the Mobile Imager gives sales associates the freedom to provide sale-clinching product information wherever and whenever the customer needs it.